What is the method to provide the services?2019-08-21T15:36:56-04:00

SM Asesores Empresariales seeks to simplify the administrative procedures of each company by providing specialized professionals in each service we provide. The main channel of communication that we use with clients are emails to be able to inform in an organized and documented manner everything that should be informed, along with any relevant news. On the other hand, we make sure that our clients are remembered in a timely manner of the fulfillment of their obligations with authorities so as to avoid penalties. Our team provides services from our offices; however, visits to client facilities may be coordinated as needed.

Is it convenient for my company to engage these types of services?2019-08-21T15:39:18-04:00

We simplify the administrative and operational management of medium and small companies. One of the main advantages for our clients is that they can hire specific services required to perform some tasks for which it may be unnecessary to have several people on the payroll to perform them.

As long as the company has or expects a profit that justifies outsourcing administrative and operational services and, additionally, intends to run the business in accordance with current regulations, complying with the requirements of the respective authorities; the service, in that case, is highly recommended.

Is my company too small to have this type of outsourced services?2019-08-21T15:41:18-04:00

This depends a lot on profits generated by your business, the amount of administrative burden demanded by your company and, also, the client’s intention to comply with current business regulations.

Our services can always be adapted to the needs of each company, supporting small businesses or those that have a limited operation.

The best way to determine this situation is by direct contact with us With pleasure, we will guide you to choose the type of service that best suits your company.

Why might my company benefit from outsourced services instead of payroll personnel?2019-08-21T15:42:23-04:00

Depending on the business and/or the type of operation, a company can define, whether it requires permanent and constant personnel for some tasks of the company or if, for reasons of efficiency, it is convenient to outsource some services. SM Asesores Empresariales seeks to offer a wide range of services that can help manage and operate all types of companies. Our professionals will fulfill the tasks assigned to them from our offices, keeping our clients informed of any issue or relevance in this regard.

In order to have your services, is it necessary to contract all services? Can I choose only the services that I think I need?2019-08-21T15:42:58-04:00

Each company can choose the services it requires specifically tailored to its needs. The quotation for them will be informed in a timely manner, once the scope of the services is defined.

Is it necessary for a person from my company to coordinate the work with you?2019-08-21T15:44:11-04:00

This depends on the way each client works. Generally, the companies we assistt have someone in charge of coordinating the work with us.  Notwithstanding, this is directly linked to the requirements of each of our clients and their way of operating.

How do you charge for the services provided?2019-08-21T15:45:21-04:00

Our services are charged on a monthly or case by case basis. Most of our clients hire the monthly service, since this modality includes all the reasonable and generally accepted services that a company requires within the agreed rate. However, it is the requirements of each company that will define the way that best suits each client to opt for our services.

What are your accounting services?2019-08-21T15:46:21-04:00

Our accounting services offer our clients all the means and instruments that they may require to keep their accounting organized.

This service is divided into three main subcategories:

  1. Tax management and assistance (Taxes);
  2. Accounting management and assistance (Records);
  3. Personnel management and assistance (Personnel).

In an automatic and timely manner, our professionals address the accounting obligations of our clients to avoid problems and contingencies with the different authorities.

What do your legal services consist of?2019-08-21T15:47:27-04:00

The objective of our legal service is to make available lawyers specialized in the commercial sector and, thus complying with the basic and routine documentary requirements in order to maintain an organized operation and administration. Our lawyers can prepare minutes, grant/revoke powers, modify articles of incorporation, comply with records and any other legal requirement, through a simple request.

Our legal team is highly trained and prepared to deal with the most complex commercial and tax issues, when required.

Depending on the amount of legal work required by a company, it may contract the service on a monthly or case by case basis.

What are your logistics services?2019-08-21T15:48:39-04:00

Currently, carrying out a foreign trade and/or logistics operation in Bolivia requires a trained and experienced team to cope with the particularities and complexities of the local environment. Our logistics department is responsible for monitoring each operation, processing and handling of documents, supervising customs clearance agencies and means of transport, to minimize any setbacks. Although this department acts as a freight forwarder, our service seeks to be more like an outsourced logistics management that not only takes care of complying with the minimum necessary for the operation to be carried out, but constantly ensures that the terms and conditions are respected to avoid problems for our clients. Our team also searches for the most convenient supplier offers for each operation, allowing our clients to choose the option that best suits their needs and budget.

I am interested in hiring the services to be able to dedicate more time to my company, but I also need to clarify some doubts in order to better understand the administration of my company and make better decisions; Is it possible that you can clarify some general questions and explain some procedures?2019-08-21T15:49:58-04:00

The idea of the service is to be able to guide all our clients through our professionals so that they can make the best decisions regarding their companies. We encourage our clients to contact us and clarify any questions they have regarding their business, this as a complementary service to any other engaged.

What is the best way to schedule a meeting with you?2019-08-21T15:55:19-04:00

By sending an email to info@smempresas.bo requesting a meeting. In the message, please detail the services that interest you and a brief description of your company so that we can wait and assist you with the relevant professionals.